Car Parking Facilities

IMG6550Devizes & District Conservative Club Car Park is only for use by club members who are frequenting the club during normal opening hours or by permit holders. Members can leave their cars overnight with permission.
The Club offers car park rental to local residents and surrounding businesses. Rates are very reasonable and are either daytime (8am - 6 pm) or anytime (24 hours). For further details please email carol at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 or call 07929923433.
The Club will not accept liability for any theft or damage whilst the vehicle is parked on club premises.
Terms and Conditions for Room Hire

1.  To accept responsibility for the behaviour of all those attending the function and to ensure that alcoholic drinks are not supplied to persons under the age of 18. Children must be supervised at all times.
2.  The Club normally opens at 7.30 pm for guests although this time is flexible to suit; hire will normally end at midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Extensions can be arranged. The room is to be cleared of decorations etc at the end of the function; items (gifts, decorations, etc) can be left in a safe place for collection the next day by arrangement with the Manager. Access times for bands, decorating, to be arranged with the Manager.
3.  To accept responsibility for any damage to the Club property by any guest during the period of hire and to reimburse the Club, over and above the deposit paid, for the cost of repairing said damage. A £20 fee will be deducted from the deposit if excessive cleaning is required after the event. This will be charged if confetti, glitter etc, has been brought into the Club and has not been cleaned up by the hirer at the end of the event. Any person vomiting will incur a £10 clean-up charge to cover the cost of the sanitiser pack and the person will be asked to leave the premises.
4.  To indemnify the Club against any claim for loss or damage to the property of any guest whilst on the Club premises.

5.  All portable electrical equipment brought into the Club is the responsibility of the owner and should be PAT TESTED. Any defective equipment that leads to any damage in the Club during the period of hire, the owner will be responsible for reimbursing the Club for the cost of repairing said damage.

6. To clear the Club by the agreed time and to leave the premises in a quiet and orderly manner. 

7.  To ensure all guests at the function, who are not members of the Club, do not visit other parts of the Club premises.

8.  All drinks consumed must be paid for at the time of supply.  Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks purchased elsewhere than in the Club, must not be brought into the Club except if they are being offered as raffle prizes or in accordance with condition 9 below.  Bottles awarded as raffle prizes must NOT to be consumed on the premises.
9. The hirer may bring wines or champagne to the Club for consumption at a wedding/civil ceremony breakfast ONLY. All bottles are to be deposited with the Club Manager at least 24 hours before the function. Bottles will be chilled and opened by Club staff/Caterer. No other drinks are to be brought into the club as per condition 8. A corkage cost of £5.00 per bottle will be charged if Club staff are required to serve or £2.50 per bottle if self-service. If not paid at time of booking corkage should be paid upon delivery of the bottles. Please ask for more details. Corkage is not available for any other type of function.
10. All persons booking/using the kitchen must obtain their own insurance against any accidents and hold the relevant required certificates. No cooking equipment is to be brought into the Club, if you need to cook or reheat food you will need to book the kitchen facilities.The maximum charge for this is £75.
11. The hirer is responsible for ensuring all visitors are safely evacuated in the event of an emergency situation. In the event of a fire, the fire alarm will sound. If you discover a fire, please raise the alarm yourself and alert the staff. The nearest alarms to the function room are in the main club entrance in the foyer and by the function room fire exit doors. Please leave the building immediately, not stopping to collect personal belongings, by the nearest fire exit. All exit doors can be used as escape routes. Other alarms are situated in the kitchen, snooker room by the fire exit doors, in the main club house in the side entrance foyer, by the main front door in Long Street and at the top of the stairs. When leaving the building go directly to the assembly point in the shaded area of the main car park which is situated at the top of the main steps.

12. Please note for Health & Safety and for insurance purposes there is a maximum  capacity of 200 guests in the function room and seminar room combined. Any breach of this number will be the hirer's responsibility and you will be subject to any claim made as a result.

 Rules for Bingo Players

Under the 2005 gaming act which came into effect in September 2007, it is a requirement by law that players are bona-fide members of the Club or a guest of a member. Members bringing guests to play will be able to do so provided they are duly signed in. Please note however that playing guests are only allowed to be signed in three times before they are expected to apply for full membership.
Please Note; with effect from the 18th Jan 08 a £1.50 session charge will apply to all players.



Members are reminded that at present due to new Government restrictions the club is temporarily closed.


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